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Thought for the week

After the devastation of Good Friday and the explosion of joy that comes with Easter, we now figure out what it means for us to live in the light of Jesus' resurrection. For me, reading through the post-resurrection accounts in the gospels is so helpful. I see the disciples confused, sad, worried, disheartened. Then, they meet with Jesus. Not just Jesus but the resurrected Jesus. Their confusion turns to wonder, their sadness to joy, their worries to new courage. Their lives are turned upside down through Jesus's death and then tipped right the way back up through the resurrection. But more than that. After the resurrection, Scripture makes more sense. Power is on its way. Hope has been realised. Everything looks brighter and more beautiful than it did even before Jesus' death on the cross. The resurrection changed something. And it changed the disciples as they began to realise how radical and history-changing this event was.

And that's the same for us today. Too often, we forget how radical and history-changing the resurrection was. How God defeated death. How Jesus truly is good news. How God has wrapped his arms around the world breathed life again into it. And like the disciples, that should offer us wonder, joy and courage as we are called by God to be witnesses of this fantastic news.

May God bless you and be with you as you take the time to contemplate what it means for us to live in the light of Jesus' resurrection.


Weekly Prayer Points 

  • As we head into the holidays, pray that God will give rest to our students and teachers. Pray that they'll enjoy the holidays and the different routines for the next 2 weeks.

  • Pray that we will be a welcoming and hospitable church. Pray that those who are new (and who have been here for a while) will have a sense of belonging to this church community.

  • Pray for this conversation around the Waitara Rangatahi Trust (as mentioned in the Session Report), Pray that God will guide and direct these conversations so that young people will be formed and discipled as followers of Jesus and the rangatahi of Waitara and their families are encountered by the love of God.

Health & Safety

We at Knox take Health and Safety seriously and do whatever possible to make it easy for everyone to follow. 


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