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Knox Church Newsletter 22 December 2019
Knox Church Newsletter 22 December 2019

Thought for the week

I've started reading through the book of Ezekiel. It's full of some wonderful and strange imagery. One of these images is of the Glory of God. The glory of God is depicted in Ezekiel as these strange Cherubim with four faces who travel on moving wheels. To us, it seems an odd picture. But Ezekiel encounters this depiction of the Glory of God several times throughout the Book of Ezekiel. There is a passage in Ezekiel 10 where the Glory of God departs from the Temple. And as I was reading about this vision, I began to realise how awful this must have been. The Glory of God had always dwelt in the Temple. It was there in the Tabernacle when God's dwelling place was a tent moving through the wilderness led by Moses as the Israelites escaped Egypt and headed for the Promised Land. The Glory of God was there when Solomon dedicated the Temple he had built (2 Chronicles 7). The Glory of God had always dwelt with the Israelites. And then as God looked on the wickedness and the injustices being committed by the people of Israel, God was ashamed and the Glory of God departed the Temple. What loss! What emptiness!


And it never came back. Even after the destruction of Solomon's Temple and the re-build of a new one after the exile in Babylon. The Glory of God never rested upon the Temple again. Until, in Acts chapter 2, we see the Glory of God, the Holy Spirit, descending upon a group of a people praying together. This is often called Pentecost--the coming of the Holy Spirit. And since that day, the Glory of God doesn't rest upon a place or a building. It rests upon people, upon the People of God. As Christians, we are privileged to carry the Glory of God within you.


So as you go through this day, maybe you'd like to pause and wonder how you've been reflecting God's glory today and thank God for the Holy Spirit--the Glory of God--which dwells within us. 

Seb, 16th Jan 2020


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