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Thought for the week

On Tuesday we had an evening reflecting on the upcoming End of Life Choice Bill. As part of my presentation, I was reflecting on the Wisdom Literature in Scripture (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon). The Wisdom Literature says that God created the world, God loves it and God wants it to flourish. But it's also honest and real that the world is full of suffering and death. And so, we are caught within this tension: the desire for abundant and joyful life alongside this reality of suffering and hardship.


And as I spoke about these two things, I was struck by how these observations, this tension, is also present and understood by those who aren't Christians. Most people want to live a fulfilled life where they flourish and thrive. But we are all caught up in suffering and pain. Even though we may use different language and ways to describe this tension, most people around the world will acknowledge these two things.


But what's unique about Christian belief, is that in the midst of our suffering - while God doesn't will it or cause it to happen - God is present with us. God is right there offering us the gift of life and present with us in the most difficult moments of our lives.


Thinking about the end of life causes us to reflect on our own mortality - we are all going to die. The discussion around euthanasia is difficult because it confronts us with this inevitability and it reminds us of those we know who are close to us that we've seen dying. But by the grace of God whether in life or in death, God is still, always present with us. Romans 8:37,39: 'For I am convinced that neither life nor death will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.' God bless you and be with you as you decide how you will vote.

Prayer Points

· Pray for Teresa as she steps into her new role at Waitara High School. Pray also for the church as we discern God's leading in replacing Teresa's hours.

· Pray for Oak to Acorn ministry. Pray for Pene Chadwick as she heads it up and pray for all those who are mentors or are being mentored. Pray that they may cultivate deep and lasting relationships that produce growth and help people to mature in Christ.

· Pray for those who are voting before Election Day that God would guide their voting and the results of the elections and referendums.

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