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Knox Church Newsletter 24 November 2019
Knox Church Newsletter 24 November 2019

Thought for the week

From the Moderator

“What is most needed in Church?”

"I will build my Church," said Jesus. (Matt 16:18) Jesus himself will build his Church, He references Peter, and maybe to believers - and even to you and I.

What does the Church need? Is it buildings? Is it people? Is it money? Is it land? Is it urban, or Is it rural? Is it music?

The truth is that we need a combination of all the above… and much, much more. We, above all, need to focus on Jesus Christ. We must be prayerful people, individually and collectively. We must study Scripture with a focus on the Word. We must be in tune, on song and be aligned to the Holy Spirit as this is when "something beautiful, something good" takes place.

In our travels to presbyteries, parishes, communities and people, we have seen so much going on. There are challenges, there are struggles, and there are hardships in Church life. Our people - from north to south, west to the east - are giving their all for their Church. I write this message to encourage and support you. Keep on going for the Lord. Trust all you do in the Church to the Holy Spirit. Work together with those around you, as "many hands make light the load".

Remember the humble beginnings with home groups. Every gathering, community, or church has a specific need. So, whatever is working well for you and your people, keep going. Keep on doing church. The little you have, entrust all to God.

In a perfect world, we would be working collaboratively across and within our churches. Imagine if a parish in the north needed urgent funding to bring their building up to the required earthquake standard... and a parish from the east rescues them. Imagine if a parish in the south needed people to teach, lead and administer, and folks from the west step up. Helping each other in our deepest needs would make a tremendous change to our Church. But it is not a perfect world. We keep battling on and all the signs call us to confront out dwindling membership in faith and love.

I believe we must help each other. Work in our church courts, be involved in our missions, and if we have funds held for a rainy day, it's been bucketing down for a while. I believe we should utilise resources where there is need and where there are possibilities. I urge and encourage our able men and women to come forward to meet the need for more trained ministers. Fuel the fires in each of our local faith communities. The fire of the Holy Spirit calls everyday. Be led by the Advocate, the Helper. We need the power of God to continue moving among us.

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit," says the Lord.

(Zec 4:6)




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