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Helping you find and follow jesus

You may have discovered that, as a church, we are much more than a service that meets on a Sunday. We are a diverse community discovering what it means to live with the possibility of God in our midst; God on the job, God at home, God in the classroom, or God in the office. Jesus defined the church as, where two or three meet together in my name. For us, church could be a group impromptu meeting for coffee, it could be the annual Big Bonfire on the Finer's Farm, or even the weekly Sunday morning worship celebration. Church is not where you meet but who you meet. Church is you as part of a divine corporate identity. It is about allowing relationships to go deeper, it is about hospitality, it is about discovering a measure of God in each other.



Thursdays 6.30am @ Knox or via Zoom. Pray together for our church & our world.

Contact Seb for details



One of the things we love to do is to meet together to worship, celebrate and explore what it means to follow Jesus. Our 10am Sunday gatherings will also be live-streamed to Facebook every Sunday.



We encourage you and your family to take a digital break Saturday. Put Facebook away and play a board game, Play a sport, read a book, or do something creative.



Check out our Knox Kids Waitara Facebook page. We will upload stories, crafts and fun activities for you and your tamariki.

Contact Lisa

DBX Girls - Tuesday 3.30 - 5 pm

DBX Boys - NOT Currently Running

Knox Kids - Sunday Mornings

Knox Minis - Sunday Mornings

Intermediate girls group - Wednesday Afternoons


EPIC Youth

This is a time for high school-aged teens to meet together, have some fun, build community, and talk about life.

6.30 pm - 8.30 pm Wednesday

Social Media

Find our Sunday service, thoughts and general updates



This is where we do life together. Here we pray together, share the good and the bad, and encourage each other.

This platform will hold all of our "iso" services, as well as music playlists and kidsmin videos.

Once a week hear from Seb about what is happen at Knox Waitara.


Micro-Church is Knox's small group network.  As the name suggests, each group is a church.  This is in keeping with Jesus' definition of church as "where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them" (Mt 18:20).  

Each Micro-Church group is given the freedom to function as an autonomous community within the larger church community.   

God primarily is a relational God, "God is love" (1 John 4:8).  As beings made in the image of God, people are primarily relational beings.  As a consequence, we all have a deep-seated need for social interaction and a need to belong to a community.  The intent of Micro-Church is to create a forum where meaningful social interaction can take place.  In reality, this means people connecting with each other takes precedence over get a job done; hospitality trumps function.  Eating together, fun, friendship, enjoying others company, meaningful conversation, feeling at ease, a low threat environment, no pressure, discovery, atmosphere, and spontaneity, are all concepts that convey what we mean by Micro-Church.


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