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Sunday Mornings @10am

Is there something deep within you that longs to communicate deeply the source of your being? Is it possible for you to connect with the creator? Could it be that the answer is yes? We believe God is not distant and cold, but close in proximity, and intimate in relationship; desiring more to be with us, than we are with him. In the Sunday Morning service, we hope you will also encounter God. Sunday morning church is a celebration of God's goodness. It is the full human experience coupled with the experience of God. There can be laughter, excitement, joy, testimony, a feeling of being wanted, even sadness, and we don't shy from exploring the hard questions. Why? Because God is relevant, true, and interested in ordinary people.


What about the music?

It can be loud, and why not? It is normal to go hard out when you are passionate about something. We call it worship. A band leads us in a mixed contemporary genre and modern anthems. We usually finish with a rousing hymn! Our aim is people participation, not performance. Great worship we believe opens us up to the revelation of God. 

How about the teaching?

God's word is more than ink on paper. John speaks of Jesus as the Word becoming human flesh. We often say that we are Jesus with skin on. Jesus' experience should be our experience; it is people fleshing out the word of God on the cold face of human experience. People are resourced to do this on Sunday morning by teaching that is biblical, encouraging, challenging, and earthly. Can ordinary people become empowered and inspired to become super-ordinary people, and make a difference in the world in which they live?

The Kids?

Children are big on our radar screen. Children are the Church of today as much as anyone is. We have leaders who love being with the kids, and it's fun! Knox Kids (primary age) and Rainbow (infant and pre-school) are an important part of the Sunday service program, run during the service.

Sunday Service


Jesus Priority - Ko Ihu te mea nui 
Jesus is intentionally at the centre of our thinking and motivation. 
Bible Centred - Pipera tapu
The word of God contained in the Bible is God’s written voice to humanity. 
Authentic - Tuturutanga
Authenticity is being honest about our present reality; a world marred by human sinfulness.  Yet it is honesty with the hope we can make it a better place because of our connection with the creator through Jesus, our Lord.
Autonomy - Mana motuhake
Autonomy comes from the recognition that God has given humanity the gift of free will. Autonomy means recognising the inherent nobility God has placed within each of us.  This is outworked best in a culture of respect and where we can honour and encourage each other. When it comes to exercising power in leadership, we want to use that power to empower others to be the best they can be. Autonomy recognises freedom works best in an atmosphere of love.
Generosity - Atawhai
We serve a big-hearted God.  When we function out of an attitude of generosity and faith, we are functioning in accordance with the heart of God.
 Hospitality - Manaakitanga
The Bible is big on hospitality.  We want to align with the Biblical theme of welcoming the undeserving as guests.  
Family - Whanaungatanga
Family is a culture of inclusivity where everyone is treated as though they were related. Family means home, a place, a context where you can relax, be yourself, and be accepted. As much as we grow as a church we want to grow the culture of a big family.  You are family, and you matter.  “We all eat at the same table as Jesus.” 
Harvest Focused - Nga hua tikanga
Harvest is a metaphor that Jesus used for the people that live outside of the borders of the Kingdom of God.  Bringing in the harvest is our motivation. 


How to claim your tax credit.
There will be no need to complete a paper form this year because you can now claim donation tax credits online in a myIR account, Inland Revenue's secure online service.

  • You’ll receive your refund much sooner.

  • Your receipt can be electronic receipts or photos or scans of paper receipts.

  • Your receipt can be uploaded anytime during the year.

  • You can find more information on

Supporting Knox Presbyterian Church, Waitara
For those of you who are new to Knox Church and are considering joining the church as a member, you may not know that the only way our church operates (paying salaries/ wages of staff, rates, power bills and other running costs) is through that given by the member's tithes and offerings. We call this a “free-will offering” and we ask each of you to consider prayerfully how much you can afford to give so that the church is able to meet its financial obligations.


A budget is set each year and put before the congregation for approval so that you know what our expenses are and for you to consider your response to it - “How much can I contribute towards it?”

Because we are a registered charity your contribution to the church attracts a tax credit - 33% of what you give can be claimed back through the Inland Revenue Department.

In order for this to happen, you need to obtain a number from the church treasurer so that any monies given can be recorded as they are received and tallied during the year. At the end of the financial year (31st March) an official receipt is provided with the total amount you have given. You can then submit this to the IRD along with any other donations you have made to other charities for your refund.

How to give
When you have been given a number by the treasurer you can use one of the following ways:

Internet Banking - deposit your offering/tithe into the

Knox Church General Account
TSB Waitara 15-3945-0240699-00

(Identify who it is from by using the number given to you by the treasurer.)

Envelope - put your contribution (cash or cheque) into an envelope with the number
given to you by the treasurer written on the outside so that the amount given can be
recorded. Put the envelope into the offering bag on Sunday morning when it is collected during the service.

Payroll Giving - see your employer as to how to deduct this from your wages/salary and have it directed to Knox Presbyterian Church, Waitara.

Who do you see?

Church Treasurer - Bruce Lobban


Our Leadership Team (Elders)
Andrew Larsen
Rebekah Savage

Session Clerk

Murrihy Family.jpeg
Sebastian Murrihy
Peter van Lith

Senior Pastor

Nathan Carrington
Karen Dickson
Jennie McCullough
Lindy Moratti

our Staff TEam:
Murrihy Family.jpeg
Sebastian Murrihy

Senior Pastor

Lisa Parsons

Community Worker, Family Coordinator

Sharon Moala


Jared Dixon

Youth Pastor, 24/7 Youth Worker at Waitara High School

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