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Don't miss our coming events:
Baptism Service

Baptism is an essential step in our Christian faith and here at  Knox we like to make it a celebration. We dedicate our whole service to the 2 or 3 people an encourage friends and family to come along and share this with each other. 

Church Camp

28 Feb-

1 Mar

Camp Knox

The church camp, held every second year. The camp is one of the first things on the annual agenda and has the effect of reconnecting us as a family, as a church. Fun is a priority, with wide-area games, theatre sports, and teams competition. It is a time for spiritual input with worship, a question panel, and a visiting speaker. We have even had a baptism service on a Sunday morning. If you are new to the church, the camp is a great opportunity to find a deeper connection with the church. 

Location: Vertical Horizons, Everett Road, Inglewood



Waitara Light Party

This year Knox and River of Life are hosting Waitara's Light Party. This is a fun night for the whole family, with food, games, prizes and special musical guests. 


The cost is $2 per family and this allows access to all games and prizes. Located at the War Memorial Hall, it is a fun alternative to Halloween.

Light Party 2018 (5).png
Light party
Bonfire 2018 (1).png

One of Knox's favourite events each year is our annual Bonfire. We get together and have a massive bring and share dinner, followed by a bonfire the size of a house. This event is for everyone. The Finer's put on meat and Potatoes and we bring a salad and some dessert. 


Small events


6.00am - Prayer @ Parkers

2.30pm - Stretch and Grow

7.30pm - 10CC

7.30pm - More than Life


9.00am - Tabitha Craft Group

11.00am - Beta Bible Study

11.30am - BoardWALK Prayer

3.30pm - DBX Girls

6.00pm - DBX Boys

7.30pm - Lighthouse


9.10am - Kanikani

10.00am - Cupcake

10.00am - Home League

6.00pm - Prayer for Youth

6.30pm - EPIC Youth

7.30pm - Band of Brothers


6.30am - Prayer @ Knox

9.45am - Rainbow Playgroup

7.00pm - Omegos

7.30pm - Music Practice


2.45pm - Players and Singers

3.45pm - Prayer for Families


Church Events


8.45am - The Alter

9.30am - The Boiler Room

9.45am - Rainbow Sundays

10.00am - Service

10.30am - Knox Kids

10.30am - Knox Minis

2.00pm - Old Time Hymns

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