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Helping you find and follow jesus

You may have discovered that, as a church, we are much more than a service that meets on a Sunday. We are a diverse community discovering what it means to live with the possibility of God in our midst; God on the job, God at home, God in the classroom, or God in the office. Jesus defined church as, where two or three meet together in my name. For us, church could be a group impromptu meeting for coffee, it could be the annual Big Bonfire on the Finer's Farm, or even the weekly Sunday morning worship celebration. Church is not where you meet but who you meet. Church is you as part of a divine corporate identity. It is about allowing relationships to go deeper, it is about hospitality, it is about discovering a measure of God in each other.


Values Study Series

Our Values are who we are as a church and we encourage everyone microchurch or mentoring group to explore them. Below is a study series and a sermon video about each value.



Throughout the year we have a large range of events that we put on at Knox. Below are the next three.

7 Mar

Peru Team High Tea

21 Mar

DBX Movie Day

9-13 Apr

Easter Camp


Originally the sermons or talks as we like to call them were recorded so that those of us involved in Dynamite Bay and Rainbow with the kids could catch up on what is going on.  We have found other people like to listen to the talks. Click the button to listen to this podcast through our website, or listen to them through itunes or spotify

Sunday Service


Rainbow  Sundays from 10am
    ages 0-3yrs

Knox Minis Sundays from 10am
    ages 4-6ys

Knox Kids Sundays from 10am
    ages 7-12yrs

PERU TEAM - Tabitha 

Since returning from Peru the team have been inspired to help women and children from our own community who are struggling. They have set up a craft group on Tuesdays that make packages for the Women's Refuge and Tu Tama Wahine O Taranaki.


"As a group we want to provide help to our community and to the Women's Refuge in particular. After a long chat with someone who was recently cared for by Women's Refuge, we want to provide personal care packs for ladies and activity bags for small children."


Even if you can't sew or knit, we could still use your help. There is always a lot of chatter and laughter.


If you would like to know more please talk to Janice.

Building Hire

Health & Safety

We at Knox take Health and Safety seriously and do whatever possible to make it easy for everyone to follow. 

Strategic Plan

Last year Knox Waitara worked hard on our Strategic Document. This is a working document that helps to shape the direction that we move in. Currently, it is in its infancy, but as we continue to work it into maturity its value increases. Below is the document as it currently stands. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to any of the elders or email

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